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Owl Masks0

We made owl masks for an owl parade on Halloween. Adults cut out mask shapes from tagboard and taped craft sticks to one side with packing tape (we used 2 craft sticks to add stability). Children glued on feathers and a triangle foam "beak". The results were great for our 3 and 4 year olds. Octob ..



Feathered Fall Owls1

Our Kinder-3rd grade students decorated owls with the beautiful and colorful feathers and foam shapes that were sent to us. Each student was given an owl printout and told to decorate however they wanted to be creative with the materials given. First they colored their owl. Then they glued colorful ..



B is for bird!0

The students made a bird for the letter B. They used a bird stencil, feathers, glue, and a googly eye. The students in our Hope class are the youngest so they worked in small groups with their teacher to complete the project. They loved getting to touch and glue the feathers. The project turne ..


Our Mother's Day cards1

1.  Draw picture of "me and my mommy"  in picture frame. 2.  The best thing about my Mommy is............................... 3.  Write name on back       -       from: ................. 4.  Punch hole in paper. 5.  3 pipe cleaners of their choice 6.  1 pipe cleaner to tie 7.  Curl ..