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Rock Drawing Project0

Go on a scavenger hunt to have each child find a flat-ish rock or stone.  Ask the child what does the shape of the rock look like?  What does it remind them of?  What can they turn it into?  An alien head?  A fish?     Use markers to draw on the rocks to draw the details of what they se ..


"O"ooooo!!! Owls1

Materials: Big and little O's Feathers Foam Glue sticks Googly Eyes Pre-cut triangles We started with a Capital O and discussed what letter Owl starts with. Then we turned the O into an owl. We took turns decorating the large owl and then we made our own little owls using feathers, foam, and ..



Feather People0

My class decided they wanted to make feather people as their project. They had a blast separating all the different shapes and colors and making the feather people. We made a board full of feather people. Thank you so much for the opportunity to do this! Look forward to more fun! October preschool ..



Feather Collage5

The children created beautiful feather collages using contact paper, construction paper, and the feathers and foam pieces.  The contact paper was placed on a table sticky side up and a construction paper frame was added. The children covered the contact paper with the foam and feathers.  When they w ..


Be Different!0

First we began by reading "It's Okay to Be Different" by Todd Parr.  We had circles, squares, and rectangles cut out in different colors.  The students used those cut out to create themselves.  They used feathers for hair and smaller foam shapes for their features.  After we discussed the similariti ..




Shape Sun Catcher0

The students made shapes with the pipe cleaners. They were then given contact paper and put their shape on the contact paper. They were then given small pieces of tissue paper and they filled in the shapes with the tissue paper. Contact paper was placed on top and they sun catchers were hung in the ..