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Bird Puppet1

We have a pet bird that likes to visit on while we are on our playground, so my students decided to make bird puppets so that they could pretend to be the bird. Items needed: Feathers, Glue, Foam Shapes, Popsicle sticks The children just glued shapes together to create the bird. They then added f ..



Colorful Crow Puppets1

The past couple of weeks, we've been discussing fall. This particular week, we talked about scarecrows and crows. Our color of the week was black, hence the discussion about crows. The children wanted to know why we don't see crows that are other colors. After reading "The Falling Leaves and the Sca ..


'A'dorable Letter A's1

A perfect project for introducing the letter A! Gather materials as show. Glue popsicle sticks together. Cut center stick to fit in the middle. Glue in place. Glue feather to top of letter A. Glue eyes to base of feather. Bend paper clips as shown. Glue to bottom portion on sticks. Adjust to make A ..



B is for Butterfly0

We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle and the materials you provided went along perfectly with the style of illustrations! This week our letter is 'B' so this activity came at a perfect time! I used all of the materials provided plus: -white craft foam (paper would be fine too, but I lik ..


Bug/insect creations1

The children were allowed to create any kind of bug or insect of their imagination. The supplies we used were jumbo sticks, pipe cleaners, tissue paper, glue, and markers. Supplies were set in front of the kids, and they were  allowed to think of any type of bug or insect they wished to create. Next ..


Pipe Cleaner Flowers0

Materials used:  popsicle sticks, orange pipe cleaners, blue pipe cleaners, and green pipe cleaners all from MomTrusted package. Then one container of modeling clay from Roseart purchased at Dollar General. We are working on a flower unit here and are making a bunch of different flowers, so we thou ..