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Rock Drawing Project0

Go on a scavenger hunt to have each child find a flat-ish rock or stone.  Ask the child what does the shape of the rock look like?  What does it remind them of?  What can they turn it into?  An alien head?  A fish?     Use markers to draw on the rocks to draw the details of what they se ..


September Turkeys2

The kids had a blast making turkeys in September with the shapes and feathers. They made handprints with paint and decorated the turkeys with the feathers and shapes. We thank y'all so much for the supplies. Love and care. October preschool supplies courtesy of,, ..



Friends of a Feather0

We created feathery friends using feathers, foam pieces, some paint and our hand prints. After reading A Friend for Frances we decided to create friends for our classroom. Each friend will be part of a special "friendship wall" in our classroom! We are learning how to be great friends that use helpi ..



Fall Leaves1

Earlier in the year I was fortunate enough to be able to go to the CAEYAC Convention. One of the sponsers there was MomTrusted and I found out about their Free Preschool Supplies Program. Thanks to them this little project came to be! This is my very first happy mail from them and I was so excit ..


Sensory Monster2

Our Sensory Monster used construction paper, feathers, foam pieces, contact paper, markers, google eyes, paint and children. 1. Pre-cut all pieces-2 arms, 2 legs, circle head, circle tummy 2. Paint child's hands and feet and have them help cut it out 3. Help children put monster body together (or ..



Pink painted Pet Rocks0

While practicing the letter P and the /p/ sound,  we Painted Pink Pet rocks. The teacher collected rocks and the students selected which rock they would like as their pet.  Then the students painted their rock with Pink Tempera paint.  Then decorated their pet rock with foam, yarn, googly eyes, seq ..


Sensory Butterflies0

We made sensory butterflies to go along with our insect unit, since we had just grown our own painted lady butterflies. To make these, you'll need: ziploc bags, pipecleaners, an assortment of paints, and masking tapes. Steps: 1. Have the student pick 2 different colors of paint. 2. Help the student ..