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Butterfly Boomerang0

We hot glued the popsicle sticks in a x, colored them with crayons and added a pipe cleaner antenna. We then flew them around the room like a boomerang. The kids had so much fun with these!!!   *Supplies courtesy of and


Cat in the Hat Bulletin Board1

For Dr. Seuss's Birthday, Ms. Sue created this bulletin board following the reading of the story The Cat in the Hat.  The kids decorated their own paper plate cats and hats.  So cute! Support Read Across America Day that happens on Dr. Seuss's Birthday every year, March 2! Thanks Ms. Sue of Th ..




Monster M2

Turning a capital M into a monster Supplies:  black paper, multicolored paper, googly eyes, glue I cut the black paper in half and die-cut the letter M.  My student tore up the left over paper from the die-cut M.  After the paper was torn up, students glued the M to the black paper.  Then the ..


Peek-a-boo cards1

I traced my students hands on a yellow piece of construction paper since we are learning about yellow things this week.  I have been taking lots of pictures of the kids, so I printed them and cut out a round face shot. I cut out their hands for them since they aren't super coordinated with scissors ..