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Fancy Feathered Letter F0

To create our project the students were provided with feathers, foam shapes, glue and black construction paper. For the younger children that are still learning to write their letters we wrote the letter F on their paper in white chalk for them to use as a base for where to put feathers.  The older ..



Pink painted Pet Rocks0

While practicing the letter P and the /p/ sound,  we Painted Pink Pet rocks. The teacher collected rocks and the students selected which rock they would like as their pet.  Then the students painted their rock with Pink Tempera paint.  Then decorated their pet rock with foam, yarn, googly eyes, seq ..




Sensory Butterflies0

We made sensory butterflies to go along with our insect unit, since we had just grown our own painted lady butterflies. To make these, you'll need: ziploc bags, pipecleaners, an assortment of paints, and masking tapes. Steps: 1. Have the student pick 2 different colors of paint. 2. Help the student ..



Silly Ol' Hermit Crabs14

Supplies: paper plates, paint, glue, tape, pipecleaners, tissue squares, sequins, and eye stickers. We helped the children make red handprints using paint on white construction paper. After cutting these out, the children were given a paper plate that we had previously cut a small portion off of (s ..