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P is for parrot1

This week my class has been talking about the letter P. I started with a sturdy paper towel roll and covered it with a rectangle of construction paper (use whatever color you like). That's the body.  Then I cut out two wings and glued feathers to the wings.  Then I glued the wings to the body to lo ..


All About Me0

Our supplies arrived while we were working at an "all about me" project. The feathers were so nice that the girls couldn't stop adding them on top of their hair, while the foam pieces became a dress one time and a bat-man another. The boys worked on the foam shapes for the longest time and enjoyed t ..





Feathered Fall Owls1

Our Kinder-3rd grade students decorated owls with the beautiful and colorful feathers and foam shapes that were sent to us. Each student was given an owl printout and told to decorate however they wanted to be creative with the materials given. First they colored their owl. Then they glued colorful ..


Fall Leaves1

Earlier in the year I was fortunate enough to be able to go to the CAEYAC Convention. One of the sponsers there was MomTrusted and I found out about their Free Preschool Supplies Program. Thanks to them this little project came to be! This is my very first happy mail from them and I was so excit ..


Birds of a Feather CD Craft1

We made birds out of old CD's, feathers, foam pieces and googly eyes. First we had the children pick out two circle foam pieces for the eyes and glue them on. Then they picked out their googly eyes and a foam piece for the nose and glued them on. Afterwards they covered the CD in glue and stuck fea ..


Feathered Ponytail Holder0

Having just recently read Pocahontas, my daughter immediately thought of an Indian-inspired craft project when the feathers arrived in the mail from Mom Trusted. We made these simply feathered ponytail holders using an elastic hair band, thread, beads, feathers, foam cutouts and glue. As far as tool ..