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Our Mother's Day cards1

1.  Draw picture of "me and my mommy"  in picture frame. 2.  The best thing about my Mommy is............................... 3.  Write name on back       -       from: ................. 4.  Punch hole in paper. 5.  3 pipe cleaners of their choice 6.  1 pipe cleaner to tie 7.  Curl 2 pipe clean ..


Popsicle Name Frames0

In my preschool class, we are always learning letters and how to spell our names. I placed the popsicle sticks on a table in front of my class and they began making the letters in their names. I thought it would be neat to incorporate a fun art project with learning the names. Supplies used: Glue - ..


Avalanche Snowballs2

We made mini avalanche snowballs after reading the book Avalanche by Michael J. Rosen. The materials we used consist of: - a white sheet of paper - colored paper cut into strips - crayons - wiggle eyes - glue - tape - scissors. Each child was instructed to roll up the white paper to resemble a sno ..