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DIY Gallery Wall0

There’s no better way to show you’re proud your children’s work than putting on display!  Follow these super easy instructions, and make a do-it-yourself gallery wall.  Coming home from preschool with some fresh artwork for the wall will make your kid feel like a “real artist” - and they are!   T ..





Oil and Water Project for Kids0

Some people call this project making an ocean in a bottle or homemade lava lamp. The concept is simple put water and oil in a bottle and watch the separation. Talk about how they can't mix and how oil floats. What else floats? What else sinks? This is a fun project for kids while they learn about ..



Printable Monthly Calendar for 20120

Click on the image above to print the whole set of 2012 monthly calendars (or whichever months you choose).  Let the kids color and decorate them.  Create themes for the month, schedule fun activities and holidays, and let them hang them in their room or somewhere at their level.  Talk about the m ..