St. Patrick’s Day Preschool Celebration Treat and Sorting Activity by angela 4 years ago

St. Patrick's Day Preschool Celebration Treat and Sorting Activity

This post was inspired by something I saw on Chalk Free Preschool Online (a fabulous site with tons of free preschool lessons) that I adapted for our St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

First, you’ll want to make the Jell-o according to the instructions on the package.  I’ve found that this is easier to do before hand since there is waiting and boiling water involved.


Next, is the sorting activity.  Pour a bowl of Lucky Charms for each child.  Give them two paper plates to do the sorting…cereal on one plate and marshmallows on the other plate.  You may want to do this after they have had lunch so they don’t eat as many during the process. :)


When the Jello is set and the sorting is complete, it is time to put the treats together!


Allow the child to take a scoop of whip topping and add it to their Jell-o.  Then they can take a handful of the marshmallows to sprinkle on top.  You could probably also add sprinkles here if you have something in the right theme.

st pattys day dessert


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