D is for Ducks!

This month’s materials came at the perfect time, since we were discussing the letter D.

We used this month’s materials to make ducks!  I work in a classroom with students with special needs, so I can’t share any pictures of the kids, but their art work is great! I love how one of them used the foam shapes to give the duck an “eyebrow.”

Materials needed:

Duck pattern

Cardstock or other thick paper


Foam shapes

Googly eyes




1. Trace duck pattern onto paper

2. Cut out ducks (or have students cut out ducks).

3. Assist students with squeezing glue onto duck.

4. Apply feathers, foam shapes, and googly eyes as desired!

October preschool supplies courtesy of MomTrusted.com, SavvyCyberKids.org, and KodoKids.com.


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