Science – Hot and Cold by Krystle 5 years ago

Science - Hot and Cold

Objective: Children will be able to differentiate between hot and cold.

Duration: 30 minutes


  • Red construction paper labeled “hot”
  • Blue construction paper labeled “cold”
  • Hot and cold item worksheet
  • red crayon
  • blue crayon
  • kid-friendly scissors
  • glue stick

Activity: Children will be given a partner. Each 2-partnered group will go to their workspace where they will find red construction paper labeled “hot” an blue construction labeled “cold”. They will be told to write their names on the paper. They will also be given a printout including a variety of hot and cold items. They will be asked to discuss with their partner what items are cold and what items are hot. They will be asked to color the ones that are hot, red and ones that are cold, blue. They will then decide who will be a cutter and who will be a paster. The cutter will cut out the items while the paster pastes them in their respected “hot” or “cold” area.


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