Savvy Cyber Kids

For this art project we read the ebook that was provided and talked to our children about how we can stay safe online!  Our kids are ages 2-4 so we had to modify a little how we got them to create their own identity.  We had them dram a picture of themselves as a sort of super hero and had them explain to us what they would name them.  The pictures provided are of their own identities and the colored pictures that were provided!

We used crayons and colored pencils.  The children did not want to glue anything to their pictures so we used the feathers provided in another project.

First we had the children listen to the story.  Then they all sat down individually with one of the teachers after they drew themselves and explained their drawing and named themselves.  they really liked the experience and thought it was cool that they got to tell the teacher what was in their drawing.  I would have had the children spend a little more time with their pictures and maybe give them more options as to what they could glue to it.  Also I would have probably read more stories about internet safety.

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