Fancy Feathered Letter F by Rose Kolaski 5 years ago

Fancy Feathered Letter F

To create our project the students were provided with feathers, foam shapes, glue and black construction paper.

For the younger children that are still learning to write their letters we wrote the letter F on their paper in white chalk for them to use as a base for where to put feathers.  The older children were asked to make a letter F out of the supplies provided.

The children used the glue to form the letter F and then began placing feathers and foam shapes on the glue.  Some children made a pattern of feather colors others used all the colors.

The kids all wanted to take part in this activity, they really enjoyed it and wanted to show their moms and dads what they made when they went home that day.  Throughout that day after doing the project some of the kids kept pointing out the letter F around the classroom.

The project in the end turned out great!

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