Three Mother’s Day Ideas by Rebekah Oreilly 5 years ago

Three Mother's Day Ideas

1. Card

Supplies for Card:  Printable Card, Poem, Questions, Markers, Pens

On the front, we traced one hand and colored it in.  Inside, we put the poem “If You Give A Mom A Muffin,” on one side, and posted questions that we asked the kids on the opposite page.  On the back of the card, we wrote the child’s name and 2013 on it.

2. Hand and Foot Print Flowers

We painted the children’s feet with green paint to make leaves.  We then painted both hands in different colors to make the flowers. We wrote “The Best Things in Life Aren’t Things!” on them and dated them.  We laminated them and attached a pipe cleaner to them so they can be hung.

3. Suncatcher Flowers

Supplies for sun catcher flower:  Tissue paper squares, child’s choice of pipe cleaner, laminating sheet

We drew the flower shape on the outside of the laminating sheet.  Each child put in their own tissue paper squares and then it was laminated.  The stem/hanger was added after lamination.


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